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African Seed Companies
Seeds from Africa 8 strains (African Seed Companies)
Coming straight out of Johannesburg, South Africa, we are happy to add some very potent Sativas. We recommend temperatures of about 90-95 degrees F for maximum germination rates. Remember these strains originate in the tropics. Lower temps often give poorer results.

Amsterdam Seed Companies
Dutch Passion Seed Co. . 45 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Dutch Passion was one of the first Dutch Seed Companies, and has been producing and selling Cannabis Seeds for more than ten years. In this time we got a lot of experience in producing the best possible quality of Cannabis Seeds. The basis of our success is the genetic control we have over our strains and the constant influx of new genetics that we obtain worldwide. Upgrading our seed stock is our constant concern. We do our utmost to supply you now and in the future with the best genetics available. Our success is your success and yours is ours. Most of the varieties in our collection are F1 hybrids. Crossing two pure strains (hybridizing) gives F1 hybrids that possess the so-called Hybrid Vigour. This means that the F1 generation is a lot more potent than both parent generations. All seeds from our collection are biologically grown. We do seed germination tests every 3 months to keep our seed stock in optimum condition. ALL - FEMALE SEEDS FROM DUTCH PASSION
now available. Growing from female-only seeds has many advantages, both indoor and outdoor, compared with regular seeds. Growing from regular seeds means that part of the seeds will give rise to male plants and female plants, and the percentage of female plants varies widely. Whether a seed becomes male or female is not just genetic, but environmental. For growers who are well experienced , percentage of female plants is 60% - 90% female, but less experienced growers can end up with 100% male plants. Growing from female seeds will yield only female plants, there is no male chromosome in these genetics. You will now save time, energy, space, pollination-worries or male plants you have to nurture only to destroy in 2 - 3 months. Where there are rstrictions on the number of plants to grow, all-female is more efficient. Its also great for outdoor guerilla farming, no males to have to come back to eliminate.
Sagarmatha Seeds 12 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
This company won 2nd and 3rd prize in 94 and 95 respectively for Best Seed Company at the Cannabis Cup. All seeds produced organically. Sagarmatha's famous Blueberry has been crossed with Bubblegum to make an original and highly desirable Bubblegum hybrid.
Sensi Seed Bank 29 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Sensi Seeds is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. World-famous, oldest seedbank in Amsterdam. Always excellent quality, reliable strains.
T.H.Seeds 12 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
From KGB/CIA in Amsterdam
Greenhouse Seed Co. 7 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Serious Seeds 4 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Chimera Seeds 12 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Ceres Seeds 11 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Deshman seed 14 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Delta 9 labs Seeds 12 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Dinafem Seeds 5 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Posh Marijuana Seeds 55 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
The Flying Dutchmen 3 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)
Barney Farm Seeds 23 strains (Amsterdam Seed Companies)

North American Seed Companies
Ganja Marijuana Seeds. 27 strains (North American Seed Companies)
The Vancouver-based Ganja Marijuana Seedsmpany has been with us for over 6 years, providing expertly produced seeds from some of the the top strains in the world. Their NL#5 is the most popular strain in our catalogue and has thrilled growers from novice to pro alike. Look for some of their strains featured in High Times February 1996-1997 (the indoor grower) BC BUD issue.
Spliff Seed Bank 3 strains (North American Seed Companies)
We have just received three new indoor-outdoor strains coming to us from the Kooteney region of British Columbia. This area has long been known for great pot and these three are a nice mix of new and old world strains.
Irish Rose Seeds 8 strains (North American Seed Companies)
We took a beautiful, prodigious and fragrant Blueberry male (the best of 8 males) and it was set to pollinate the very best females in our room. The Blueberry crosses very well with these already outstanding strains.
Orginal Strains 8 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Fine, true breeding originals and excellent hybrids.
DJ Shorts Delta-9 Collection . 5 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Former supplier of Sagarmatha for Blueberry, Blue Velvet and Flo. NOTE : In Europe, Authentic DJ Short products are solely availible at Dutch Passion Seeds. The breeder of these cutting edge strains has lowered his prices so that more people can sample the high quality products that he has to offer. Descriptions supplied by the breeder.
420 Seeds 22 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Dedicated to the preservation of Cannabis strains that have been passed down from one generation of growers to the next in the British Columbia and Vancouver Island area since the 1960s. Through careful selection of the finest strains from grower's private stocks, we feel that these seeds are a good representation of the high-quality smoke that has fuelled the BC pot culture for many years. We are breeding and experimenting with the new Aussie Bastard Cannabis and other outdoor camouflage strains. Keep an eye out for our new outdoor varieties in the future!
The Joker Collection 8 strains (North American Seed Companies)
The Joker is back! In my opinion, the Joker is one of the outstanding marijuana breeders in the Northwest. I unequivocally recommend the Joker's strains as ALL amazing for potency and incredible quality of the high. Powerful, powerful stuff. -
Marijuana Addict Seeds 22 strains (North American Seed Companies)
"Best Taste Best High Easy to Grow"
Wacky Tobaccy Seeds 63 strains (North American Seed Companies)
The breeder of these exceptional strains used a very strict process of parent selection. 50 seeds of each of the strains used were purchasd from seed companies in Amsterdam. Only the strongest and most vigorous specimens were used to produce seed stock.
Surrey Seed Co.. 2 strains (North American Seed Companies)
The long reliable Surrey Seed Company has moved indoors and changed their name. They offer a couple of their favorite indoor strains.
Stony Weed Seeds 59 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Mighty Mite is a famous BC indica strain from the Himalayas, cultivated for 12-15 years here. It is uniquely suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. All Mighty Mite varieties and hybrids feature a dominant main cola that explodes in the 6th to 8th week of flowering.
High Times Seeds 3 strains (North American Seed Companies)
These strains are popular varieties we distributed extensively from 1996-1998, now back in supply.
The World Pot Seeds 13 strains (North American Seed Companies)
General "G" is one of our most popular outdoor Breeder/Growers. His old classics - California Girl, Liberace, and Eastern Purple are back, plus new funky coastal outdoor hybrids and strains. These early finishing strains are generally mold resistant and tough.
Canada Cultivation Seeds 6 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Mushroom Cannabis Seeds. 28 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Specialist in sweet, fruity strains
Good Ganja Seeds . 4 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Psychedelic Seeds 3 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Sensemilla Sensi Seeds. 17 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Cannabis Canada Seeds. 4 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Marihuana Hemp Seeds. 3 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Dope Weed Seeds . 5 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Chronic Cannibus Seeds 2 strains (North American Seed Companies)
Or as these folks like to be called; POW! And they have a couple of dandy outdoor strains to prove it.
World of Seeds 6 strains (North American Seed Companies)
5 all female strains
Sweet Seeds 6 strains (North American Seed Companies)
6 all female strains
Ace Seeds 6 strains (North American Seed Companies)
6 strains
Afropips 19 strains (North American Seed Companies)
19 strains

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