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Blue Hash : Outdoor/indoor $140 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
blue hash fems Interior flowering. 50 days Exterior: 10 October Performance 450 grams Power high Effect sedante, narcotico smooth Genetic predominantly indicates Fragrance sweet, spaced, mixture of hash and fruits Height 2.5 meters Variety of quickly flowering, adopts the violet purple color of the Blueberry when the temperature is fresh, being returned completely dark al final of the flowering. Of this HashPlant has obtained a highest production, and of both varieties the resistance al mold. Also it produces torrecillas of chalices when is cultivated in interior, that acquire the violet color of the Blueberry, giving him a magnificent aspect. The flavor is a mixture of spices and fruits of the forest, a delight, even cultivating it in outside in humid climates knows to glory. It is very easy to cultivate without lending him a lot of attention, therefore resists especially well the mold. Adequate for novices.
Blue Widow fems : Indoor/Outdoor $170 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
blue widow fems Interior flowering. 50-55 Exterior days: 10 October Performance 400 grams to Promote high Effect sedante, medicinal Genetics predominantly indicates bittersweet Fragrance Height 2 meters This variety is a crossing of the flavors most aromatic acquaintances. It dominates the fragrance of White Widow, but has an unusual fruity fund that causes smells it as a caramel of fruits. It produces hard, dense tops like stones, with contents of extreme resin, that cover all the small leaves of the flowers; ideal to do hash with flavor to fruits and also for the interior cultivation, therefore itself does not stretch a lot. It acquires the violet coloring of the blueberry, above all in outside, and in cultivations of high mountain, produces but resin that any another variety.
Cali Hash : Outdoor/indoor $180 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
cali hash plant fems Interior flowering. 45-50 Exterior days: 10 October Performance. 500 grams. Power high Effect. smooth and relajante, like the hash Genetic predominantly indicates Fragrances. to hash and unique and unrepeatable spices Height. # 2.5 meters The fastest plant of the I catalogue, is a wonder of totally different flavor to the habitual thing. The psicoactividad more al is seemed hashis that to the marijuana, relajante, smooth, little cerebral, more well physical. Ideal to sleep a good siesta, or to be relaxed. It is besides the fastest variety, the more than more resists al mold, and produces a lot, especially in hydroponic. In interior produces "horns" chalices that sprout in torrecillas, as if were a sativa.
Critical plus fems : Outdoor/indoor $150 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
critical plus fems Seeds dinafem, Escelete variety, maxima resin and quality. A genetica originating in the champion Critical + 10 seeds feminizadas Winning of the I Cup HighLife of Barcelona. The most important characteristic of this variety, is without doubt the intense fragrance and flavor that produces; smells of Skunk fruity, but smells a lot, so much that can come be a problem, above all in interior, and the use of filters antiolor powerful is obligatory with this variety until this totally drought and bottled. It is important to emphasize that al to smoke it, even mixed with tobacco, the flavor is the original one, does not know to grass burned, and is very intense since the principle to the end, for which is consumed very easily and leaves a great flavor of mouth. The flavor is very sweet, intense, and deep. It grows like a sativa, and a sativa seems, with narrow and fine leaves, of not very dark color, with long stems, and very fine for the volume of flowers that bear. It produces many bud, and the distance internodal is not very high, what favors the high production. It agrees to control a lot of the height before flourishing it, so that itself get not out of hand, therefore grows a lot. It is at the moment of the flowering when all its is declared potential, and what a sativa seemed becomes a superproductora that advances quickly to the other varieties. The system SCROG very is adapted for this variety. Flourishes very quickly, and is list in 45-50 days, with 12 hours of light in interior. In outside, is also of very high production, flourishes very fast, and the 4 week of September this totally I mature; the mold can attack it, but thanks to their velocity of flowering they can be harvested before having too much botrytis, without losing barely dry weight. The production of resin is high, and the power of the effect is upper-middle, effective combined physicist and mental
Moby dick fems : Outdoor/indoor $165 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
moby dick fems Interior flowering. 60 Exterior days: 15 October Performance 500 grams Power very high Effect cerebral acido with Genetic physical shades predominantly sativa Fragrance smooth to pine, lemon and pepper Height 3 meters Psicoactividad maximum; combines physical and mental effect, although dominates the sativa, for which is not adequate for novices. THE maximum potential psicoactivo gives it in outside, thanks to the rays ultravioletas, where develops an effect more triposo than in interior. It resists well the mold, and consumes all the fertilizing water, and light that him be given. The level of smell is low, for which is camouflaged easily, whenever be not 3 meters tall.
Shark Attack : Outdoor/indoor $109 10 seeds (Dina fem Seeds)
Shark attack fems This variety of East Indian dominancia, is important mainly for 3 reasons, the white resin layer that produce, the medicinal effect, the intense thanks to its high content in CBD, and aroma and flavor of East Indian. The body relaxes and the muscles of very remarkable form, like the hashish, and their effects are powerful and pleasant. It is of contained growth, one does not become very high, and the internodal distance is low, with this variety is easy to control the size. The leaves are wide, short, and very dark, and smell of East Indian only with clearing them. When rubbing the stem, leaves an aroma intense, that is a prelude of the strong scent, bittersweet, that will produce the flowers. It is of average production, and it needs 55 days to finish maturing completely, of which last the 5 are advisable that this in the total dark, to stimulate the aroma production and draws resin from. The cogollos are white, they smell very hard, and the smoke when smoking it is dense and pleasant. Days of flowering to 12 hours: 50-55. Harvest in outside: Until the 10 of October. THC: High. (12% - 16%). CBD: High. Production: Average. Height in outside: Up to 2.5 meters. Composition: Indicate, with clear dominancie Indica. Genotype: SuperSkunk x White Widow
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